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Conferences: SOT, BTS, ACTC, ESTIV and MPS World Summit

Last year attending conferences was pretty easy; register and then watch, listen and learn. The cost was always good value for money, but the interaction has not quite worked. Many conferences have chat rooms and lounges, but too few people attending. This year does seem to be leading towards face to face or hybrid meetings. I am going to do both this year.

I will be at Society of Toxicology (SOT) meeting in San Diego, CA, later this month. I will be helping Abigail Martin from ImmuONE (Booth 1617), Heraldas Gaspariunas from ACellZ (also at Booth 1617) and promoting (yes, ImmuONE have loaned out space at booth 1617).

The BTS AGM is in Gateshead, UK, 4-6 April and I will attend on 05 April, but will be in Newcastle on the Monday too. Prof Faith Williams has a keynote lecture, and there will be quite a few Newcastle University alumni attending.

As much as I would love to be in New Orleans for the MPS World Summit ( 30 May to 01 June, it is a trip too much, so I will enjoy the meeting virtually in its hybrid form.

ACTC will be in November and we will be making announcements shortly.

The ESTIV conference ( is in Barcelona-Sitges, Spain, 21-25 November. I plan to be there in person.

So, see you either virtually or in person at some of these conferences for a great set of learning and meeting experiences.

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