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Happy 3rd Birthday Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited!

Today, my amazing daughters presented me with this wonderful cake to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited. It seems both such a short and long time since I started this microbusiness with my wife and daughters as co-shareholders with me.

The ups have far exceeded the downs. I've enjoyed working on diverse projects from CROs, industry bodies, NGOs, biotech, pharma, crop protection, household, consumer products, cosmetic, organ chip, and MPS businesses. I've been told about skills I didn't know about and used them. I've learnt so much from the wonderful people I meet every day and through conference and business travel, particularly in my recent trip to India.

My peer review publications list has increased from 19 (1995-2020) by 14 (2021-present) to 33, with more in the pipeline. My invitations to lecture, present and chair conferences has increased; see what I am presenting at SOT 2024! Thank you to Azar Innovations ( for inviting me to join as a guest lecturer to their organ chip workshop series.

I continue to be privileged and honoured to serve on the UK NC3Rs (, US 3Rs Collaborative ( and ESTIV ( boards. Without Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited , I could never have joined PeptiMatrix ( as their board chairperson where we continue our journey in leading science to an animal free, chemically defined, media reality.

NAMs, organ chips, advanced complex in vitro models and animal free media are here to stay. I have been invited and will attend more dedicated conferences where companies, industry bodies and agencies are focussed on how to implement NAMs and utilise advanced complex in vitro models routinely. Most companies, agencies and industry bodies have a strategy and/or roadmap for using NAMs and NGRA to protect human health whilst significantly reducing or fully replacing the use of animals. As we continue this transition, the importance and applications of integrated toxicology and the 3Rs cannot be underestimated.

What about the next 3 years? Well, that is for you, my colleagues, friends, customers, future clients, and blog readers, to decide. Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited looks forward to shaping this future with you.

Celebrate with Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited and enjoy a slice of our birthday cake.

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