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Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited Posters at SOT 2024, Salt Lake City

I look forward to sharing 4 posters with you at SOT in Salt Lake City next month as follows:

  • Abstract/ poster 3187/P296 “Skin barrier function for regulatory skin absorption tests and effects on testosterone and sucrose absorption” at the Skin session on 11 March 09:15-11:15 with DTL (

  • Abstract poster number 3080/P183 “Predicting acute oral toxicity using AcutoX: an animal product-free and metabolically relevant human cell-based test” at the Safety Assessment: Non-pharmaceutical session on 11 March 11:45-13:45 with XCellR8 (

  • Abstract poster number 3615/P116 “A comparative study of the in vitro dermal absorption of radiolabelled Benzophenone in topical formulations through human skin” at the Risk Assessment II session on 12 March 11:45-13:45 with Kenvue (

  • Abstract poster number 4188/P737 “Eye hazard identification of chemicals using an in vitro method of reconstructed human cornea-like epithelium (RHCE) (OECD 492B)” at the New Approach Methods: In Vitro session on 12 March 14:15-16:15 with JRF Global (

Due to the very packed set of events, I plan to be at each poster for at least the first 30 minutes, but we all know there is always a lot of flexibility at SOT! I look forward to seeing you there.

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