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Brand Awareness - The QR Code

As a small business owner, like SMEs and multinationals, I am thoughtful about my brand. As I have now started my 3rd year in business, I was wondering what else I could bring to Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited. I have a business name, e-mail address and a logo (and no, it is not a real chemical and if it is, it would be interesting to know what it is). Last week, at SOT 2023 in Nashville, someone suggested that I should get a QR code for the website. So, here it is. Of course, you could just type in into google.

Branding initiatives do not necessarily mean anything on their own. I work hard to provide the highest levels of service, quality products, help or support and a friendly ear with the best advice I can give. I think the kind comments on the Testimonials section of the website say more than any QR code. Thank you to all my customers past, present and future. Onwards into year 3.

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