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Tree Time Edinburgh

We love green at Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited, this can be seen from the logo. However, loving green and having a green logo isn't enough for our planet. We need to do something positive as a business and as individuals to make a change in our planet. Therefore, I am delighted to announce that Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited is a sponsor of Tree Time Edinburgh ( from 01 July for 1 year and this can keep going.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that our new friends at Tree Time Edinburgh have featured Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited in their news page (

What does this mean though? Well, Tree Time Edinburgh is a local charity, based in Edinburgh, UK. When I started to talk to them about becoming a sponsor, they wanted to know where I lived and worked and where I would like to make an impact. I live within sight of the Pentland Hills (a fabulous place to mountain bike and walk) in a small ex mining town, Loanhead; now very much a commuter town for Edinburgh. My office view takes in part of the Pentland Hills and a local nature reserve, Straiton Pond. The wonderful folk at Tree Time Edinburgh have already started discussing plans with my local council, Midlothian.

My family and I am now looking forward to being involved in the tree planting and see these grow over the next few years.

This is only possible due to my customers. So thank you. You are making a difference to our planet and helping me give something back to my local community.

If you want to know more or want to contribute to Tree Time Edinburgh, then the details are in this blog. Why not find out if you have an equivalent organisation in your area and get planting trees?

Can a single person make a difference? Is corporate responsibility only something for multinationals? I think we all know the answer to those questions.

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