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The European Register of Toxicologists

Today, I am extremely proud to have been accepted onto the European Register of Toxicologists as a European Registered Toxicologist.

Many months ago, Viktoria McDonald ( recommended that I should join and gave me a lot of good reasons to consider. I thought long and hard. I missed the spring review date. However, the reflection time was important. Why do I need to join another organisation? What are the benefits of joining? Who are the members and what do they do or represent? The main reason is simple - it tells your clients, colleagues and peers that you have achieved a certain level of experience that is acknowledged globally. There were other reasons too. I want to uphold those values of the British Toxicology Society and the Royal Society of Biology. I am a longstanding proponent of in vitro toxicology and new approach methodologies and the BTS and RSB support the growth and acceptance of these approaches. It is important that the in vitro community are identified within the European Registered Toxicologists so that we can continue to develop new ways to protect people, learn from in vitro and in vivo toxicologists together and to progress the 3Rs.

Where do I put these new letters within my postnomials? Let me know if my choice should be corrected.

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