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Starting my journey as an in vitro toxicology consultant

Is it a good idea to become a consultant because 2 companies ask you to consult on your last day before redundancy?

After saying goodbye to friends and colleagues, I was looking forward to spending long late winter days out cycling in the Scottish Pentland Hills. Look at this picture, 6 miles (10 km) from home - why wouldn't you? There's plenty of time to chose a new career.

When I was home, there were 2 messages for me to call back on; one from a pharma company in Switzerland and another from a generics company in the US. They both said the same thing - I need you to consult for my business.

For 3 weeks, there were non stop calls from head-hunters, recruiters, friends, colleagues, customers past and present and many people I'd never even spoken to before, asking me for informal chats about working for them or consult for them.

I therefore, found an accountant (recommended by a friend), who recommended me an insurance broker and a solicitor. On 02 March 2021, Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited was incorporated as a company.

So, was this a good idea?

I'm still finding out... It can be lonely, but not for long as someone new contacts me. It can be financially difficult, but that is how a business starts, no income, looking for customers and slowly building a customer base (I already have 14 customers, so that really is amazing in such a short time). The best part is I have met so many interesting people with amazing technologies that they have contracted me to find people and companies to use these technologies. I have been contacted by previous customer who want to and are contracting with me to utilise my experience in in vitro toxicology, particularly ingeneration of NAMs, dermal absorption and dermal toxicology and respiratory toxicology. I have also connected with competitor companies who want a piece of my help for building their businesses. Some of the companies discussing work opportunities are even now in discussion to contract with me. I am confident that I can do all these things and bring great to success to us all

What about the 2 companies? They are the first 2 customers to sign up to Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited. I so very much appreciate their confidence and belief in me. Thank you - you know who you are!

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May 08, 2021

Best of luck Clive, and for relaxation “keep on biking”!

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