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Roper Toxicology Consulting Announcing Corporate Membership of ESTIV

Yesterday, Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited joined ESTIV as a full corporate member. It's good to see the RoperTCL logo on the ESTIV website (European Society of Toxicology In Vitro ( already. I am now pleased to promote ESTIV in my blog and advertise ESTIV on the RoperTCL website.

I recommend joining ESTIV. You will meet a lot of people from across the globe, not just Europe, working in the very diverse in vitro toxicology space. There is a great collaboration with ASCCT in the US as well; with joint webinars running regularly. ESTIV has it's flagship publication; Toxicology In Vitro to publish our work in as well. Go to the website and find out the rich variety of ways to participate and also lead. There are still spaces available for the ESTIV Board (contact Helena if you need to know more).

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