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My Many Hats, My Customers and My Availability to Consult

People have asked me about the many activities that I am involved in and how that affects my main business as a consultant toxicologist through Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited.

Taking on the chairpersons role at PeptiMatrix is estimated to take about 2 days a month. The NC3Rs board work takes up a day a quarter plus a few hours each month. The 3Rs Collaborative board work takes up a few hours a quarter plus there are a couple of hours of project work and fundraising a month. The VP ESTIV role takes a few hours a month and will involve a few days travel. So, when I add up the many additional roles, it comes up to about 4 days a month over the year. The rest of the time, I am available to support my clients and work to expand my client base.

My clients come from many different areas of business; toxicology, drug development and chemical safety for example. The businesses range in size from start ups through mid-tier CROs and chemical or pharma companies right up to household names and multinational corporations. I work with niche CROs or product developers and vendors, increasingly in the organs on a chip and advanced tissue models spaces. The pharma and chemical companies want to understand how to negotiate their way around the world of MPS, OOC, regulatory testing changes (e.g., FDA 2.0), how can they move their large molecule forward when they cannot get NHP work done. What are the strengths and weaknesses of different NAMs and NATs? What are NAMs and NATs? Who offers NAMs and NATs and who will develop new NAMs and NATs? What do the regulators expect from the NAMs and NATs?

Funding. Such a big subject, but we often shy away from discussing. Great science needs great funders. I work with Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Angels. They are looking for the right business or businesses to invest in. However, which are the right businesses and who are their competitors? How can they expand their services or is this a a single product? How can we bring different companies together to produce a higher value business which can serve more customers? Where are the inefficiencies? How can we increase their revenues? Who are their customers and how can we expand their customer base? What other customers are we missing, why have we missed them and how can we get them engaged?

I look forward to supporting your needs in the in vitro toxicology space. I look forward to serving your needs in H2, 2023.

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