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Bite Sized Cool Technologies Series: BioSurfaces LLC

BioSurfaces LLC (Electrospinning Biotechnology Company), Ashland, Massachusetts, make biomimetic synthetic cellular matrix using their proprietary electrospinning process (Bio-Spun™). Their Bio-Spun™ scaffolds are used for both in vitro and in vivo work. Let's look into the Bio-Spun™ Inserts and Plates as well as the benefits of how they are applying their Bio-Spun™ technology to in vitro research tools.

BioSurfaces offers many different types of electrospun scaffolds for cell and tissue development. To validate how well the Bio-Spun™ scaffold works in comparison with both standard 2D polyester scaffolds as well as animal collagen scaffolds, visit their website ( For more information on the capabilities of these products, or if you are interested in purchasing one of their products, please contact or visit their website and remember to tell Cameron that you learnt about this through the "Bite Sized Cool Technologies Series".

I wish to acknowledge a big thank you to BioSurfaces for kindly allowing me to reproduce their photographs on my Blog.

There is a lot of cool technology out there in many different areas of science, the third in the series will appear soon.

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