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Bite Sized Cool Technologies - NA3RsC Microphysiological Systems Initiative

I see many cool technologies and try to find an interesting angle to share them with you. I have taken a shortcut today. I am proud member of the MPS initiative within the There are many different technologies to look at, ranging from high throughput screening models to low throughput safety assessment assays. A lot of our members are innovators and will work with you to create bespoke tools for your specific needs. Take a look at the NA3RsC hub at We are always open to increase our membership in Replacement, Refinement and Reduction, so click on this Code and learn about our companies, technologies and what we do in the 3Rs and, ask us about joining as an individual, business, institute or donor. There are many other 3Rs organisations, especially in Europe, so look them up too. The UK NC3Rs ( has a new website full of information and regular competitions, such as the Crack-It Challenges.

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