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Association of Inhalation Toxicologists Annual Conference 2023. 2-5 May, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gothenburg at the beginning of May was truly stunning - 3 days of sunshine and only on Friday did we get any breeze. The food was incredible - yes, the meatballs were great. The hotel, Gothia Towers, did us proud. These photos are the views from the 29th floor where we enjoyed a fabulous conference dinner.

The hosts, AZ, were amazing. They truly looked after us at their facilities in Molndahl with a great lecture theatre. I was lucky to be able to get my lecture out the way on the first morning. It was nice to be one of the warm up acts. The meeting was very evenly split between in vitro and in vivo and I think we really learnt a lot from each other; bringing us closer together with integrated toxicology.

I learnt a lot about cannabinoids too, well a whole session dedicated to the topic was only going to be a great learning experience.

Good to see so many exhibitor friends and colleagues including Sabeu cellQART, ImmuONE, Mattek, Epithelix and AlveoliX. I'm sure they all gained some new connections and will have some business come their way as a result of this.

What next? As we have a rotational programme, we are back in the US. Albuquerque, NM was mentioned. Sounds good to me!

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