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Learning to be Self Reliant in Decision Making

I have spent my entire career working within a large organisation, with people and systems, managers, scientists, financial and sales teams and support groups. I found that I was a strong I (Influence/ Influencer) in the DISC profile (thanks to Derek @ This means I like consensus, discussing with others who I believe are the key stakeholders in order to make a balanced decision. Now I work for myself, alone, there are lots of decisions to make without others to bounce their ideas off.

Or is this really the case?

No, but my team is different now.

My solicitors at Morton Fraser Lawyers ( Martin Balfour and Anna Reilly have consistently given me great advice and support, finding ways to make NDAs and Consulting Agreements work for both parties, but always putting my interests first.

My customers. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot record them here, but everyone I am working with have been truly inspiring. They rely on my integrity, honesty and knowledge and expect me to make decisions (and of course make changes, where additional information comes). I gain the consensus view by discussing with them as I rely on receiving full information from them, as a member of their team, to provide them the best service and advice.

My friends and colleagues. I have so many friends and colleagues who have commented on LinkedIn or been available to help. I always find there is someone who is happy to give me confidential honest and friendly advice.

My family. My mum, my mother in-law, father in-law, sisters and children have immense belief in me and success for the business. My wife, Deborah, is a strong Geordie lass and is always able to put the world into perspective.

I have learnt a lot and ultimately, I have found making final decision surprisingly easy. I think I have not needed to make so many changes to my "Influencer" decision making as I continue to gain the consensus, so, we can still make decisions together. One big change is I can now make decisions very fast!!!

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