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Expanding Services; Scientific Expert Witness and Venture Capital Scientific and Business Reviewer

On 02 March, Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited will be celebrating it's second birthday. When I started this venture, I was sure I was a 1 or 2 trick pony with acknowledged expertise in skin absorption and respiratory toxicology. Quickly, I found out I have many other talents that people want me to use. Indeed, it is the people who come to me for help with their projects who have recognised these talents. For example, I know more than a passing amount about genetic toxicology, safety pharmacology and ocular toxicology; all areas that I have supported projects on. Then there are the bigger areas; microfluidics, on a chip technologies, advanced tissue models and spheroids and organoids; again there are many projects here and in support of the MPS subgroup. I know how to evaluate companies both from a scientific and business perspective which has led to some interesting VC funded projects and I certainly want to do more of these - great technologies need great funders!

I have mentored both formally (Business Advisor for ICURe) and informally (for members of staff in some of my customer companies). I really enjoy this, helping people to achieve their potential or finding new careers.

What is really new though? I have just changed my insurance to cover being a Scientific Expert Witness in support of legal cases. I have been asked a few times over the past couple of years and I did not feel comfortable to move out of my established zone. After thinking more about this over the past couple of months, I realised that I am always challenging myself out of my comfort zone and I have all the experience knowledge and confidence to do this. How do I know? People have told me and I have reflected and this is just a short list of areas I have supported over the past 2 years and indeed, probably over my entire career!

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