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Conferences, Education and Sharing

The ASCCT Annual Conference (12-14 October 2021) is the first conference sponsored by Roper Toxicology Consulting. What an experience it has been to join such amazing and talented people from academia, industry and agencies within the Scientific Organising Committee. This will be a great event for our presenters and delegates, even though it is a virtual meeting. I hope to see you there and please do check out my poster (P068).

This year I have attended more conferences than ever, the great advantage of a virtual platform. These have been meetings of global consequence (WC11 and MPS World Summit), international meetings (ACTC and ASCCT) and workshops like Microphysiological Systems Bbridging Human and Animal Research Workshop and Workshop to Develop a Roadmap for NAMs in Preclinical Safety Testing). There seem to be a lot from the FDA organised by the Centre for Research on Complex Generics and a great series from Rutgers Centre for Dermal Research.

Why do I attend and contribute to so many meetings? The simple answer is that we can never stop learning, and there are so many opportunities for collaboration and sharing. If no one shares, then no one learns. My customers expect me to keep up to date in my areas of science, particularly in identifying innovations and NAMs. I have been given so many great opportunities over my 30 years career and I also want to share that knowledge and give other people the opportunity to learn too.

If you cannot attend ASCCT or want to have more learning opportunities, then please join us at ACTC.

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