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Bite Sized Cool Technologies - innoVitro - Visually Beating Cardiomyocytes

Within in vitro biology, we rarely have anything interesting to look at, except for some graphs. This is not the case for Innovative In Vitro Technologies - innoVitro. We can see the cardiomyocytes beating on the 96 well plate (thank you to innoVitro for letting me use this video clip). The FLEXcyte plates mimic the mechanical conditions of real biological tissue via hyperelastic silicone membranes that form a biohybrid with the cardiac tissue. Beat rate, beat duration, upstroke and downstroke velocity, upstroke and downstroke AUC, arrhythmic events, and contraction force (mN/mm2) are measured on the contractile behaviour of cardiomyocytes.

The assay can be used to derisk safety pharmacology at discovery, support findings within the safety assessment phase or explain findings from clinical trials. The test can also be used to identify mechanism of action of the drug on the cardiac tissue. The biggest advantage is the iPSC cardiomyocytes are human and shows a mature cardiomyocyte phenotype. Therefore, there is no inter-species comparisons to make, which can be very useful in supporting safety prior to first in human.

innoVitro will be presenting data on robustness of the assay at Meet us at the XVIth International Congress of Toxicology (ICT), September 18 - 21, 2022 in Maastricht, Netherlands. - innoVitro and Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting, September 11 -14, 2022 in Montréal, Canada. - innoVitro. I hope I can share some of this data with you after these events.

innoVitro is also a part of the CiPA initiative!

Get in contact with me to find out more or contact the team at innoVitro directly to learn more.

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